It’s About Time

It’s 10:37PM.

I’ve tried on three different outfits. I won’t try on any more. I had envisioned wearing slacks, but this is definitely a skirt occasion.

It is the eve of my Americanization.

Tonight is the last night of not being able to vote.

Tonight is the last night of not being qualified to work a federal job.

Tonight is the last night I’ll be able to avoid jury duty for the reason of not being an American citizen.

Tonight will turn into tomorrow morning.

And it will be today. A new dawn.

8:30AM, raring to go.

In a skirt.

Spam Winner to Date; Skip This, If You Wish

People. I can’t not notice this. Someone blasted me with this lovely “comment” last night. Askimet graciously sorted it as spam. It wins the spam contestĀ in terms of length and content. You can totally skip this post, I’m only publishing it as a service and tributeĀ to pharmaceuticals, as indicated by the disabled links:

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