A Quick Quote

“Mirrors are wonderful things. They appear to tell the truth, to reflect life back out at us; but set a mirror correctly and it will lie so convincingly you’ll believe that something has vanished into thin air, that a box filled with doves and flags and spiders is actually empty, that people hidden in the wings or the pit are floating ghosts upon the stage. Angle it right and a mirror becomes a magic casement; it can show you anything you can imagine and maybe a few things you can’t.”

–Neil Gaiman

This would have been a perfect introduction to the movie Becky and I made. But I saw Coraline this past Saturday, and I hadn’t yet read a lick of Neil Gaiman, and I stared vacantly at the stack of graphic novels in the bookstore, and I had no idea where to begin. I started to call Sarah, because she knows our good friend, Brian, who is a hardcore Gaiman fan. I let the phone ring then I hung up and decided against the “comic books” for now. I perused the science fiction/fantasy shelf, and I happened upon a book of “short fictions and illusions,” called Smoke and Mirrors.

I love the short stuff. I know I’ve said that before.

The quote about mirrors? Part of the introduction.

What I thought of Coraline? Fits in perfectly with what he said about mirrors.

My experience with working with mirrors and telling a story in making that video with Becky? I kind of get it now.

Becky burned all of our work onto a DVD and gave it to me yesterday. I’m going to go watch that right now.