Space – Frontier, Not Final

So, I got an external hard drive. 1 TB. Terabyte. 1000 GB. That’s a lot of room, at least for me. I stuck all my photos on it for safe keeping. And that only took up 5 GB. So that means I can take a ton of photos. And video. And maybe I’ll transfer all my music over. I don’t know about storing DVDs yet. I still like sticking the disc in the player and watching it on the television. And I don’t see a need for equipment to convert my computer into a television. That amount of storage should last a very long time, maybe close to 10 years. Or maybe if I start shooting photos in RAW instead of JPEG format. I now don’t know what I’m talking about. I drank an entire Coke with dinner tonight. And I’ve become halfway decent at Guitar Hero. 

I played my clarinet for seminary class Thursday morning. I wasn’t all that nervous. That surprised me.

It is about time to start getting more serious posts out. I have to go back to organizing my thoughts properly.