Simultaneous Google Chats

Background: My Neighbor posts as her Google chat status something about not being a person’s friend anymore. I see her status, and the following conversations follow. Me and the neighbor in the left column, me and her roommate in the right.

6:57 PM me: was he super mean to you?

does someone need to kick him?

6:58 PM Neighbor: ha ha


he posted the worst picture of me on facebook

me: oh crap. i’m logging in right now

Neighbor: and the stauts is my only form of retaliation


7:00 PM me: is it the winter album?

Neighbor: yea

in the back of the car



me: that’s not bad at all

Neighbor: ha ha

7:01 PM well if it was your face merging int a pile of neck skin you might feel differently.. lol

ha ha

me: LOL

i do suppose the timing was bad

Neighbor: ha ha

7:02 PM me: but if he saw you, then why are you in the frame? or is it because he saw you?

Neighbor: ha ha

i am sure it is becuase he saw me

7:03 PM it is just hard to buckle your seat belt in the back of vw bug


me: maybe you can tell him to crop it

7:04 PM Neighbor: hey her roommate jsut told me what you said!

7:05 PM me: oh no!

Neighbor: that’s right

Isee how it is


me: busted. i am so busted

7:06 PM Neighbor: it is my jedi mind power that makes people tell me things

me: she said you twisted her arm

Neighbor: mentally

from my room

she was to far way to get to

I am a bit tired

ha ah

7:07 PM me: is her roommate okay?

7:09 PM Neighbor: the doctor said it will only take four to six weeks to heal

7:10 PM me: that’s good

7:02 PM me: do i need to sympathize with neighbor? i saw the photo

Her roommate: that’s a tricky one.

7:03 PM i told her that if it was my photo that i would ask to have it taken down

but since it is her it’s HILARIOUS.

me: well, to her face i’m being quite understanding

but i’m laughing at the same time

Her roommate: hahahahahahahahahahaha

7:05 PM me: you are a double agent! oh no you didn’t

Her roommate: She made me tell her! she pinned me down and twisted my arme!

she has a lot of pent up frustrations

me: did she morph into faceneck and scare you?

7:06 PM Her roommate: hahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

i’m crying i’m laughing so hard!

oh no!

she wants to know why i’m laughing!


me: oh crap

Her roommate: !

7:07 PM me: quick. tell her something else

Her roommate: i’ll tell her that i’m laughing at….

7:09 PM Faceneck should be her wrestling name

me: ha!

Her roommate: i might have to tell her.

because it’s so funny

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