Some Facebook Message Exchanges – Kids from Key West

From this friend, who found me:


I grew up in Key West and lived in military housing. I had a very good friend named May and I’m trying to see if that is you. If so, do you remember me? My name is Kathy Bruening and I lived on Spaulding Ct in Poinciana Housing. We would have been about 9 or 10 years old I think.

My response:

Kathy, I remember you like it was 1984. You were a year older than me, and you had this amazing Cabbage Patch Kid collection. Your dad was a chief, and you guys drove a minivan. You have an older brother. James? Sorry if that’s wrong. I lived in 1622A, which was kind of in the cul de sac, and you lived right where Spaulding Court opened up.

I blogged briefly about us one day.

So, yes. You found me. What a thrill!

I hope you are well.

And, here’s an inquiry to someone else I remembered:

Hey, I was wondering if you ever lived in Key West, Florida? And, if you lived in military housing? And, if so, if you did for an elementary school talent show you did gymnastics tumbling passes to the Genesis song, “Sussudio”? I know that’s random, but that is all.


Her response:

Oh my word yes thats me. Did you live at 1622 A Spalding Ct.? Did you go to Gerald Adams? That [sic] I think I know who you are. I may even have a picture of all of the neighborhood kids.

What would happen if that wasn’t her? What if I just posed an absolutely bizarre question to someone I mistook for someone else? That’s a very specific memory. Plus she has a unique name. So, the chances of my guess being right were pretty high.

Dude. Back handsprings to “Sussudio”! No one else in the world would have done that. She should have won that talent show. She took second place. First place winner was a 5th grade girl who sang Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All.” To be fair, she rocked it. She sounded fabulous for a 10-year old.

Also, I hope, hope, hope  my old friend posts that photo of all the neighborhood kids. If she does, I promise to share.

A little discussion.

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