My New Best Friend

Today. Sunday School. I sat by some good friends. A man and his wife and their baby girl, maybe 15-16 months old. The wife and the husband took turns going out with the wee one to feed or quiet the baby. The baby kind of knows me. Which means she doesn’t squeal or try to hide when she sees me. We spent a good bit of time together Christmas Eve 2007 as well as this past Christmas Eve. I went to her home last weekend to watch the Superbowl. She danced that cute-bouncy-baby dance while people played Guitar Hero on the widescreen television. Whenever I see her, her mom tells her to say hi. But, she’s always just looked at me briefly then gone back to whatever she was doing, which was usually flipping through a peekaboo book or gnawing on a cracker. So, today in Sunday school, I was sitting next to the mom while the dad was out with the baby. The dad brought the baby back, and the baby said quite happily, “Hi, Mom!” I smiled. Then just a second later, the baby said in a similarly cheery tone, “Hi, May!” The mom looked at me and I looked at her, really shocked. Then the dad looked at me and I looked at him, and I stifled a very thrilled laugh. I put my hand to my chest to let the mom know how touched I was. Because we were still in Sunday School. And no one would care that a baby said hi to me. Then the mom said, “She’s never said that before.” And I said, “Really?” Then I couldn’t stop smiling. And I can’t stop smiling. She’s totally going to be my maid of honor. At the rate things are going with dating in my life, she’ll be old enough for those duties when it’s time for me to get married. I thank her in advance.