What’s Wrong with Me?

I saw Doubt Wednesday night.
I saw Bride Wars Thursday evening.

Can I even put those two sentences together like that?

I mean, one’s about marriage to God.
One’s about conflict between friends getting married on the same day.

I paid $12.50 for one.
I saw one for free dollars.

One is dark and covers serious subject matter.
One is light and expects me to take getting married at the Plaza in June seriously.

One is exceptionally well-written. By one playwright, who also wrote the screenplay.
One is not very well-written, by three people. Kinda messy.

The acting in one is fantastic and incredible.
One has pretty cringeworthy acting. It had its moments, though.

One keeps you thinking and wondering about and completely invested in the characters. It is more powerful in nuance.
One is predictably formulaic but made me laugh out loud and cry anyway.

I wasn’t surprised to really enjoy one.
I was quite surprised to like one as much as I did.

Sorry I’m not snobbier about the one.