Out with the Inside

A comment I left on another blog:

“This is probably as best as we can expect from the current system, which wasn’t purged the instant Obama became president. I look at people’s achievements and tend to give them the benefit of the doubt. Obama appointed highly capable people; people accepted. People got called out; people stepped down. Obama openly takes the blame. I respect that.

“I still believe Obama. It’s been just over two weeks since he took the Oath of Office. Two weeks is not a lot of time, but he’s gotten some big things done. The hope is renewed, but the healing is just going to take a lot longer. Weeding out ALL the corruption isn’t entirely realistic, and what can happen is not going to happen right away.

“I like what Obama said about double-standards. That’s why he said he screwed up. Rule of Law is Rule of Law, for common citizens and government alike. It’s gonna take time. He’s on it.”

I don’t know everything that’s happening. I’ve simplified the situation, making some pretty big assumptions. Maybe Obama underestimated how complex Insider Washington is. Those very insiders developed the double standard he mentioned. Don’t hire them, you say? They’re still going to be there. Replace them, you say? Well, looks like they’re working on that.

He already said he wasn’t perfect. And he already said there’s a long road ahead. And early on, he acknowledges and wants to fix his screwups.

If only more of us realized the same things about ourselves.