Mortality, Post-Spirituality; This Morning

The kids were munching on leftover cereal after class.

I walked over to an open box of Life cereal on the table.

I shook the mostly empty box. Hey, just crumbs left.

The other teacher said, eat it anyway. Take a straw and suck it.

I paused. I looked at the other teacher. I hesitated.

[Edited for content, because my students are finding me on facebook, and this blog is on my profile, and I’m really paranoid. Mostly of parents. I know that’s wrong. Anyway, I’m keeping the original post private. Yeah.]

I’m coming out with it. Fessing up. So maybe I won’t have to give up my appointment to the Cabinet. Because this is worse than tax evasion. Plus, my citizenship isn’t yet entirely secure. So, if I’m straightforward, maybe also the government won’t deport me.

But if they do? I’ll just [stick my tongue out at them].