The Week in General Review

This isn’t comprehensive, but rather a skeleton of what usually goes on during a typical week of my life.

Wake up, go to church
Have a mostly positive experience at church
Think about lunch during Sunday School
Catch up with people about the past week
Watch the children bounce around in the foyer while their parents and their parents’ friends are catching up
Come home, eat lunch
Take a nap
Write for a little bit
Talk with family
Chat with roommates
Prepare for Monday

Wake up
Coast on the spiritual high obtained from Sunday
Whistle and hum happy tunes at desk
Find focus
Write for a little bit
Prepare lessons
Stay up too late

Press snooze at least four times before waking up
Plan the workload for the day
Read something uplifting and/or inspiring
Run low on fuel from Sunday’s church meetings
Write for a little bit
Stay up too late anyway

Press snooze until 10 minutes before you’re supposed to leave before waking up
Plan the workload for the day
Fight to stay awake during the day
Let every little thing get on your nerves
Plan lessons
Think everything everyone says to you is a personal attack
Write for a little bit
Get yourself worked up so you stay up too late

Sleep through the alarm and rush out the door
Plan the workload for the day
Wonder why you’re the only one with any work around the office
Run on fumes from Sunday which was practically eons ago
Fight falling asleep (for more than a few minutes)
Swear once or twice, just whispering
Resist urge to punch people
Write for a little bit
Stay up too late

Be late for class and/or work
Plan workload for the day
Catch second wind because it’s Friday!
Wish everyone in the office “Happy Friday!”
Get blurry or blank out completely on what happened the past week
Whistle and hum happy tunes at desk
Skip out the door and nearly burst into tears leaving work building for being so happy for the weekend
Hang out with friends
Write for a little bit
Stay up too late

Sleep in
Take a long time getting out of bed
Be lazy
Write for a little bit
Run errands
Prepare for Sunday
Hang out with friends/Go to party
Stay up too late

Sometimes I’ll hang out with friends in the middle of the week, so it’s not always during the weekend, and some days I read and study non-seminary and churchy or academic and secular things, but as you can see, I eat every day. And I wake up every day. And so far, I write every day. But I also stay up late every day. So sometimes, that catches up with me and I have to take a day off. But I always get back on schedule. It’s been a pretty steady schedule. Reliable. There are so many things to do and learn about and people to believe in and be friends with.  And sometimes it all just doesn’t get done, and sometimes that’s okay. Sometimes. But when my charge doesn’t neatly fall into place like I imagine, I appreciate more how efficient and careful and lovingly thoughtful God was with his time when he created the earth. And us. Check out the first few chapters in Genesis to see how that particular week for him went. Seeing the word good so many times in that context brings much joy to my heart. Every time.

One thought on “The Week in General Review

  1. wow , do you know how it was like to go to beb at seven o’clock hoping beyond hope that it might be the night where sandman is just around the bend? It has’nt happen yet. Insomia sucks!!

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