I Need Some Feedback

EDITED TO ADD: I’m sticking this post to the front page for a week. It’ll sit here, at the top of the page, wondering if you’ll actually provide some feedback. The call for submissions is this upcoming week. I seriously need some help making a decision. You’ll see I’ve added a few more entries for your thoughtful perusal. Also, don’t forget to stop by the fiction page. Thanks, everyone.

New entries immediately follow this one; scroll down for the day’s musings. Or not.


So, let’s say I might have the opportunity to share some of my writing in a non-virtual setting. It may be church related, but the piece doesn’t necessarily need to be spiritual in nature. Since of late I’ve been kind of lazy with stringing together any sort of original thoughts coherently, I’m going to use whatever’s in the archives here in ma blog. Mon blog? I’ll list some of the entries here for your review. Leave any comments in … the comments.

And, thanks.

No Stranger-Stuck in an elevator
The Day – A girl getting ready to leave for college

Gaining Strength-Observations of a hurricane in Key West
Call It – Contemplating names
Just another nursery story – just like it says
Losing Streak – I forgot my towel

Where Is My Head? – A theory about one source of my headaches
Growth, Progression – Thoughts on cancer

Go About Your Business – On courtesy flushing
A Study Break Brought to You by This Patron of Organized Religion – On singing hymns during worship service

Triathlon: Swim, Bike, Run
So Long, Solo – On a freshman clarinet experience
Boo-Boo – About my little brother
To Bee, or Not to Bee – Yep, you got it

Time in the Trees – Pre-Seminary meditation
This Is Not A Perfect Metaphor – Gymnastics and the gospel, maybe?
Carry On, My Wayward Mormon – Prodigal and otherwise
Let’s Hear It for the Girls – Favorite fictional females

If you have other suggestions, let me know. I don’t have the time right now to sort through five and half years’ worth of rambling. Also, in order to avoid any sort of awkwardness (minus the “naked” writing), I’d prefer not to share any of my recent poetry or any memoir stuff right now. The former would be very embarrassing if the sub(ob?)ject  happens to be there, and the latter is just too intense for the setting.