Indeterminate Age

The guy talking in this Old Navy commercial was my home teacher my sophomore year at BYU:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Old Navy commercial with Eric Artell“, posted with vodpod


If I hadn’t told you we went to college together, would you be able to guess how old my friend Eric is? He’s a super cool guy. Really nice. Quite funny. Will always look 16. He actually majored in economics at the Y but has always had his finger on his acting pulse. I’m really glad to see him out there; it’s such a thrill for me. The last time we corresponded was on facebook sometime this past summer. He’s in LA right now. His parents live in the (NY/NJ) area, and if he visits home and a singles activity is going on, he’s there. I saw him once at the Harbor Cruise 4 or 5 years ago, and then again at a Halloween party. Ray, I’m not sure if it was that party. I wonder what his next projects will be.

Here’s his IMDB page.

Here’s his YouTube channel.

A little discussion.

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