Things I Found While Looking for My Scriptures

-the axle adapter for my bicycle trainer. I can switch the original rear axle on my bike for this one and hook the bike up to the trainer, then I can adjust the resistance against the rear wheel, then I can ride my bike inside. Which is what I did. I spent about 20 minutes on the bike today, and I sweated like a pig. Fun. Wimpy on the May scale, though.

-the cycling gloves. These are purple; they match my bike. I didn’t wear these today, but they’re nice to have out whenever it decides to warm up. I’m guessing end of March. I will probably regret that guess.

-the wireless headphones. I also found the charger and the adapter. I can plug these in, then I can put them on and wander around the house and not disturb my roommates with loud music or questionable movies. Hee. I haven’t done that yet. The headphones are still charging.

-the scriptures. Finally! These were actually in kind of an obvious place. It’s embarrassing, but I’m glad I have them again. It’s wonderfully reassuring to feel the canon’s heft in my hands and open them and hear their gospelly whispers. They’re my scriptures; they’re comfortable – I know them. They’re like coming home.


I’m heading to a church activity tonight. We’re celebrating the Chinese New Year. Eating good food. Meeting new people and old friends. Seeing the subject of my latest poetry. I guess I gotta go make myself look hot …

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