Three Quotes

1. “The sensual man conforms thoughts to things; the poet conforms things to his thoughts.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nature

I like this. It perfectly presents the poet’s process so succinctly. It ties and tucks his thoughts into a neat niche. It brings to my brain a few of my poet pals who absolutely astound me. They know who they are. I know they are brilliant.

2. “There is a special sense of urgency infusing itself into many Church members everywhere that says, quietly, but insistently—this is the time for us to choose! It is not just that God will insist that we choose for our own sake, but that those who depend upon us, or use us as a reference point, need and deserve to know which way we are going. It is no good posing as a lifeguard if one is a non-swimmer. It is no good being a guide if one leaves his post and wanders with the multitude in search of another way, ‘for there is none other way,’ especially at a time when there is a sharper and sharper divergence in the way of the world and the straight and narrow way. The disciple must not only stand in ‘holy places’ but on holy issues and ‘not be moved.’

“In short, the events of our time and spiritual decay in the world have produced for us the equivalent situation faced by many of the disciples who followed Jesus. They followed him until he began to reach the ‘hard sayings’—the doctrines that really demand not only belief, but performance; doctrines which would distinguish them from their contemporary society. The Lord wants us to put some distance—behaviorally—between ourselves and the world, not because we love mankind less, but precisely because we do love men. It is for the world’s sake that we must sanctify ourselves. When Jesus’ followers faced their moment of truth, John records, ‘From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him,’ Jesus turned to the remainder and queried them, ‘Will ye also go away?'” – Elder Neal A. Maxwell

It my imagination, Emerson and Maxwell are good friends in heaven. Their intelligence and spirituality parallel each other; their souls seem kindred.  When I read this quote, it resounded and echoed truth. Its essence clung to me. It’s what I’ve always felt but could never really articulate.

3. “Magnolia’s banana pudding is to die for. Or maybe to fake death for.” – May Anderton

I tried Magnolia’s banana pudding for the first time on Monday. It was kind of a transcendental experience. If I were a poet I’d construct a poem so you could actually taste the pudding as your brain absorbed the words. If banana pudding were the devil, my discipleship would be at high risk. Good thing tasting that pudding was closer to heaven, where Brothers Emerson and Maxwell can help keep me strong. Good thing there are still so many good things, yummy things, beautiful things in this world to enjoy.