EDIT: See Marci’s comment on this post for what’s actually current in her life. I actually met her fourth child; that error was totally my flake. Anyway, check out her cake website. Yay!

She has an apartment in New York City.
She has a husband.
She has three kids.
And a car. In the city.
That’s already quite a bit going for her.
Then, she has her own cake decorating business.
Sarah, you’ve gotta check out Marci’s cakes.
She’s friendly and fun and ever-industrious.
Her family is awesome. Everyone is cute and talented and smart and spiritually thoughtful. It’s very inspiring.
Somehow, she also has the time to check out her friends’ blogs.
So, you should check out hers.
She keeps most of her photos private, but she does share her crafty baked goods. These Thanksgiving turkeys are pretty cool.
And here’s a backyardigans cake.
And a baseball-football cake.
I’ve known the Stringhams for a few years now. They’re always gracious and respectful and incredibly compassionate. I truly admire them.

2 thoughts on “Well-Decorated

  1. Thanks May, you are all together too kind!! I have to say that I truly love reading your blog (although I wasn’t so sure about the hairy leg post…).

    Before you moved back into the area I had another baby so I’m up to four kids now, and when one car broke we jumped the gun and bought another one and a scooter. Then we fixed the old car so we are now up to three vehicles in NYC, whew–I think I might be going a bit crazy!

    And, just as a side note, I have a website where people can see all of my cakes at http://www.marciskitchen.com.

    Thanks again for the kind comments and welcome back to the ‘hood!

  2. BEAUTIFUL cakes Marci!! It’s funny that you posted this today May because someone was just asking me about cakes at class tonight. My friend Gail owns a flower shop and deals with brides daily, so she’s always wanting to hook me up with gigs. I really can’t though, I can’t operate a cake business out of my home in this state. I’m limited to doing them for friends and family until I win the lottery and can rent retail space! I always appreciate admiring a “real” decorator from afar, too! Best wishes to you Marci, you do great work!!

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