Saturday Night Post. Huh?

The weather. People. It’s not the funnest time of year for me. I wonder if any blogs exist that solely focus on the weather. Even more specifically, only complain about the weather.

I didn’t go to seminary Tuesday morning.

I didn’t work out all week. I used the weather as an excuse.

I did exercise this morning. I went into work for a few hours, then I decided to release some steam.

My roommate, Marin, had a dance concert last night. I love to watch people dance. Modern dance to me is a lot like modern art. I look at shapes and movement and color and transition. It doesn’t have to “mean” anything, but it does, always, elicit some sort of reaction, and it’s usually strong.

Dancers’ bodies are so controlled, so strong, so graceful, but they can lumber about if that’s what the routine calls for. I love the definition in their arms. I love their strong feet and extended fingers and toes.

It was a great performance. Will I be a snob about art and culture if I end up living somewhere else in the country?

It’s cold in this apartment.

I can’t focus.