Pining, One: Online, Off the Radar

not busy
not idle
green light
click on your name
chatty chat chat
chuckling to myself
kicking myself inside

No will power
I see you
I want to talk to you
I walk over
just to put my hand on your shoulder
and look at you
and smile
and playfully insult you
while I walk away
with a smirk on my face

You won’t back down
we’ll pick on each other
in between talking to other people
I’m more than aware
it’s getting late
and you’re aware
that I’m aware

Nothing will happen
nothing will ever happen
I don’t wait around
but I did spend my time
for nothing
I can’t say no
I can’t back away

Nothing greets me
Nothing smiles
Nothing flirts
Nothing stares
Nothing seizes my daydreams
I gaze at nothing
I wonder at nothing
I laugh at nothing
I embrace nothing
I fall for nothing

and that might be
what I have
but I don’t
because nothing
is not worth my time.

No light
not idle
not doing it again.