Life Chance

An eyewitness was recounting what he saw, that the plane touched down on the water’s surface very smoothly, that if it were an actual runway, the landing would have looked perfectly normal and ordinary, but it wasn’t a runway, it was the 40-degree waters of the Hudson River, and the world is suddenly out a flock of geese and the plane has settled to the bottom of the river, but 155 people are okay, shaken up and trying to get warm, but definitely okay and it seems they stayed relatively calm and followed¬†directions and I bet they’re incredibly grateful they’re alive, especially when the wind made it feel like 8 degrees outside and blowing over the water like that probably chilled those people all the way through, especially if they were wet, and it makes me shudder, imagining how the plane filled with water and started to sink, but everyone’s okay, and I’m glad.