These are new glasses. It had been about/at least three years since my last eye exam, and I wanted to make sure my eyeballs were still in good shape. Working for a corporation has made me very grateful for the excellent employee benefits. Huge discount. Plus, the lady whose job it is to help people pick out flattering frames also let me see how much I saved with my insurance. She’s nice. She helped me decide on these frames. I like them.

I’m squinting not because the prescription is bad, but because outside it feels like a special freezer made for the entire earth and an evil martian empire’s chryogenic experiment. It feels like 14 degrees. I hope when my body thaws I can walk around and do jumping jacks. Yes. The first thing I’ll probably do is jumping jacks.

They say hell is this hot place, the all-consuming fire that tortures the soul. I have to wonder if it could also be a cold place, where the absence of warmth prevails. Hell for me would be a very, very cold place. Tomorrow night the low will get down to 5. Tomorrow night will be hell.

A Couple of Photos Because I’m Lazy with the Words Right Now

Out the door, after work; Chase Plaza on my way to the train, YES AT 5:30 PM when the sun ought to be out or at least setting but the moon is already mid-sky:



Not even going to try waiting for the bus but instead catch the pretty icicles and snow:


Winter, thanks for the nice photos. But I hear in a couple of days we’re going to have a high of 17 with a low of who even cares because 17 shouldn’t be in the realm of fathomable temperatures to humans. Come on, a wind chill of subzero teens? Not nice, Winter. I didn’t even do anything.

Goodness gracious, people. I so wish I could focus right now. Sleep.