That’s kind of how she introduced herself when I first met her over five years ago. She likes to have fun. I know her links are over on the sidebar, but I went to one of her gigs last Wednesday and I feel my little part of cyberspace needs a little refresher or an introduction to my friend, Kristin Plater.

We met at work sometime during 2003. We started hanging out quite a bit. She booked a gig every once in a while, but decided to set aside her guitar indefinitely. We’d go on bike rides and watch television and listen to Elvis Costello outside of Central Park Summerstage. We even ran a 5K at Shea Stadium. She’d introduce me to her friends. She makes friends very easily. I don’t, really. I was lucky I ran into her.

She’s extremely comfortable with her audience. Very honest, says what’s on her mind; tells great anecdotes to lead into her songs. I laugh a lot during her concerts, at least in between songs. It’s a good thing.

I don’t laugh during the songs. That’s a good thing. I may smile here and there if I notice she’s done something different with a song, since I know her first album pretty well. But, this girl can wail. She has a voice that doesn’t quit. It’s great when she stands away from the microphone for her big notes so she doesn’t blow out the audience’s ears.

The video is one of her new songs. She’s coming out with a new CD, which is very exciting. I think she sounds incredible live, so if you’re around for her next gig, I strongly encourage you to come. She’s a great performer and a remarkably cool gal.

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