Winter’s Blanket


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It hadn’t really occurred to me to skip church so I could wander the park across the street from my apartment building to get some wonderful shots of the layer of white accenting the bare trees and frozen ground. I chose to go to church. Then I considered wandering around after church to take more photos. Instead I chose warmth. I’m kind of a winter wimp, people. Look outside, though. Most of these are from my bedroom window. It’s a great view. COME VISIT ME.

As you can see, I have a serious love-hate thing going on with winter here. Pretty, yes. Dark most of the day and making me want to shrink inside myself a lot of the time, yes. That’s just the way it is. Some things may never change. Thanks, Bruce Hornsby.

Church today was fantastic. Lots of insight, lots of discussion, lots of healthy speculation and unintentional spreading of false doctrine. Potential uprising, so close to a heated argument. Maybe a slightly warm argument, from being too close to someone’s self-righteousness and indignation. We silly mortals.

I’m getting ready to head to dinner at a friend’s. Her name is Becky. You may have heard of her. I think she misses me. Maybe that’s what comes across, if I’m reading that sort of emotion correctly. Sometimes I confuse that with annoyance. You may not think they’re similar – I never thought they were – but it seems like they are. “Is everything okay, May? You look annoyed.” “I AM annoyed. I miss Becky.” Hmm. Maybe they’re not so much similar as they are connected. Whatever.

It’s weird how everyone’s lives take on individual paths. They split and weave and accelerate and stutter-stop. I guess we have to learn from the ride. And wear boots with some pretty thick, non-slip soles. And wear layers. And schedule regular exercise. And keep drinking water and take our vitamins. And pray. And read. And show kindness and compassion. And date, even when it seems utterly pointless because the men won’t ever commit. And smile, to crack the frown winter has frozen on our faces. And make new friends. And maintain and nourish all our relationships. Even the love-hate ones.