I haven’t shaved my legs since October. I told this to a friend I was sitting next to at church on Sunday, and she laughed really hard. I was grateful Sunday School was about to begin, because she quieted down. And then the person sitting on the other side her looked at my legs. I was wearing a knee-length skirt and knee high boots and trouser socks that went up to my knees. When I sat down, my knees showed. I usually don’t shave my legs in the wintertime. I considered shaving for the outfit I wore to church, but I said, it’s wintertime, I’m not shaving my legs solely on principle.

Is leg hair really that fascinating? on women? Why do women in many cultures shave their legs? Was it a change in climate? a migration? Is it smelly? Did animal predators stay away if female humans shaved their legs? It adds some texture to my legs, that’s for sure. It’s pretty fun.

Anyway, my leg hairs have grown to their full length. It’s kind of patchy. It’s long on the front of my knee and parts of my shin, and short everywhere else.┬áVery weird.┬áBut, one thing I like about my leg hair is that it’s not course. It’s very soft, and if you run your hand down from my knee toward my feet, it feels pretty smooth. Well, I just ran my hand up my shin toward my knee, and it feels the same.

Maybe I would keep hair on my legs if it weren’t so odd-looking. The hairs are pretty long, but they’re really fine. It’s weird how I switch from the supposed plural to the singular when talking about my fur. Is it fur, this soft, almost downy layer on my legs? Humans are mammals; most mammals have fur. Ergo, humans have fur. Right? … Right?

I choose to believe my leg hair has helped keep me warm this winter. And, maybe this post is entirely too much information for the World Wide Web. Internet, are you okay with this?