The Past 24 Hours

Let me start with 1,000 words:

Where else would I be looking? IN THE MIRRORS. What, you say? The mirrors are behind me? Guess what. They’re also where I’m looking in the photo. The mirrors facing each other showed infinite reflections. It’s a neat effect. I’m not deliberately ignoring the boy, if that’s what you’re thinking.

I’ll post more pictures later. It was a fun party. If you weren’t there, I wish you could have been.

Today, Becky and I:

-picked up a Zipcar at noon
-went to IKEA in Elizabeth, NJ (whenever I hear the name of that town, I think of my high school friend, Becky Fraser)
-shopped until 4:30, where we picked up 7′ bookcases and transported them ourselves
-shopped for other fun things for Becky’s new apartment, like a giant frosted vase that looks like a narrow flask
-dropped the IKEA things off at Becky’s new apartment around 5:00
-gathered some belongings I left behind and drove up to Inwood around 5:50
-returned the Zipcar around 7:00
-ate dinner
-moved the remaining things from the old apartment to Becky’s new apartment
-had one last sweep of the apartment
-walked toward the light switch by the door
-said goodbye to Kool-Aid man

I threw away Kool-Aid man
Then, Becky said something and put her hand on the light switch.
I put my hand on the light switch.
We turned off the light to that apartment together.
My eyes blinked away tears.
We closed the door behind us.
We turned in the keys.
We watched Flight of the Conchords on YouTube on Becky’s computer.
I came home.

Day one of 2009 was productive and tiring, but gratifying.

Too bad I have to work on day two.

A little discussion.

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