I just got home from church. My mom sent me an email with some pretty startling news. It’s made me really emotional and I don’t understand much why I’m bawling right now. It really struck my emotions┬ávery suddenly. Don’t worry, it’s not anything tragic, but it took me completely by surprise and it’s given me a lot to think about. Most of you know there’s not a single drop of American/Caucasian blood in me, but the man who raised me is the man I call “Dad,” and he’s the only father I’ve ever known. He’s a good man and worked hard to support his family, and I admire his devotion. Yes, I know some other man is my biological father, but I don’t know him, at least nothing beyond his name, and that I look a lot like him, according to my mom. I thought he was long gone, that I’d not even be the slightest inkling in his mind, and that the chances of my meeting him were slim to none. And yet, in this email, the email from my mom, this man, my biological father, the man whose history with me only involves his donation of an X chromosome to my existence, he is looking for me.

I don’t know what to do with this news. I can’t control my crying.

My biological father is looking for me.