Powder, Slush, Crystal, Dust

Here’s another poll. Right now I’m in the middle of packing my things for the next big move. My mind is pretty fixated right now. I took apart my bed and am making sure the boxes are efficiently packed. I need to put away some more books and leave out enough clothes for the next two weeks.

Do you notice anything about the front page, here? Feeling a little chill? Having the sudden urge to build a snowman or start a snowball fight? Wanting to go sledding or skiing or making snow angels? Needing to bundle up, perhaps with another sweater or socks or flannels, maybe even a Snuggie?

2 thoughts on “Powder, Slush, Crystal, Dust

  1. Oh. I forgot to mention that. I’m moving back uptown. Nothing out-of-state yet. Shut up, Becky. It’s still Manhattan.

    Just kidding Becky, I’ll miss you, too.

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