For Unto Us

Well, I really like Handel’s Messiah. I think I own a copy of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s performance from 19-something-or-other. Maybe it’s Chicago. I know it’s one of the Big Five.

I also have a best-of Kathleen Battle album where she sings a few of the recitations and airs. She’s pretty remarkable. I hear she’s quite the diva, though. But man, can she focus her tone. It’s rich, too, not shrill like how some sopranos sound.

Ton Koopman conducted the orchestra and choir tonight at Avery Fisher Hall. I think he did it in the true Baroque style, maybe the way Handel planned it back in the 1740s. Smaller orchestra. All the soloists made their Avery Fisher Hall debut tonight, too.

The countertenor kind of freaks me out. Probably because he’s a man. Singing high. If I hadn’t looked up at the stage during his solos, I would have thought he was a woman the entire time. Make no mistake, he was impressive, but, make no mistake and don’t close your eyes thinking those dulcet tones belong to a female human.

Of course, the message of the Messiah is powerful. I can’t believe G.F. Handel finished it in as little time as he did.

The performance was terrific. The company was nice. Dinner was good. I had a great time.

Was this a date?