Cute People

I’ve known the Copes for about four years. Their girls are adorable. The parents are creative and intelligent. And tall. I guess let’s not forget tall. Though, they might not be all that tall to you.

The mom, Kendra, is the blog’s primary contributor. Sometimes, her husband, Matt, chimes in. Their family goes on pretty cool adventures, and they really seem to know how to thrive as a family here in New York City.

Here’s Kendra’s etsy site, too.

Check it all out. You won’t be disappointed.

3 thoughts on “Cute People

  1. I didn’t know Kendra had an etsy shop! I’m so behind the times. I know this is a bit late but I really enjoyed watching the video you made for the lingo competition.

  2. Wow, May! THANKS for the shout-out! You’re too kind. I better get some more stuff up on Etsy… I made some neck-warmer thingys for my little family- sort of like a turtle neck, but without the shirt part. Made of fleece, to keep your neck warm (instead of a scarf, cuz the girls don’t like scarves & Matt rides a bike and doesn’t want it flappin’ in the wind). Would you buy something like that? (And your answer does not commit you to a purchase).

  3. I’m always impressed with how much warmer my body is when my neck is warm. I think the fleece collars are a good idea. I actually have a fleece headband for running that I wear around my neck. So there ya have it.

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