Pacing the Future

The end of the year approacheth, and that means the beginning of next year followeth. I hope. What if the entire world went black the instant it turned 2009? How would I blog? Who would watch mine and Becky’s videos?

Well, I’ve begun to wonder if I should continue writing every day once the year ends. I’ve not really had any problem finding stuff to write about. I’ve been told even the tritest, seemingly insignificant, throwaway things provide some insight. I’ve also been told some of my writing is a little David Sedaris-esque. Now, if that ain’t a thing to keep me writing …

Time always plays into writing. I managed to squeeze it in this year. I even finished a writing class. I got my driver’s license. I became an American. Those were actually reasons to write.┬áSo as long as I post something, that counts. Pictures count. I can always guarantee the summer will have meatier posts, because my days will be a bit freer.

Coming up with new stuff? Hopefully won’t be a problem.

I will also take into consideration your opinion. Ladies and gentlemen, my first ever poll here at WordPress! Please express yourself freely: