I Don’t Like Headaches


This evening I was heading to Korea Town to meet Becky and her brother for dinner. I saw a boxy, brand new, red Cadillac heading south on Broadway. The driver was a bald man, whose profile looked a lot like Becky’s brother’s. Considering the newness of the car, I thought it was a rental and that Becky’s brother had driven into the City. The car was stopped in traffic. I called out Becky’s brother’s name to the car. I stood on the sidewalk, and the car wasn’t 10 feet away. The driver didn’t respond. So, I called the name again, louder. He turned his head and then his profileĀ became a frontal view, and he no longer looked like Becky’sĀ  brother. I waved, and he waved back, and clearly he did not recognize me, so I turned and walked away, embarrassed. I laughed to myself the rest of the way to the restaurant. The Korean food was amazing.

I took this picture at the Union Square farmers’ market two weekends ago. I thought the flowers were pretty.