Smart, Creative, Beautiful; Won’t Stop Saying “Your Mom” to Me


This is my facebook profile picture. I think it’s a great photo, with the depth-of-field adjustment to bring the focus to my roommate. I mean, I have a perfectly fine throat, and I particularly like that top I’m wearing here. But it’s Monday, folks. That means today’s entry isn’t about me. It still kind of is, in that I know the person, and I’m blessed and fortunate enough to have the person in my life. Today it’s all about not me. At least this post, anyway.

You’ve already seen her exceptional film editing skills. She’s only looking to improve and we already have another idea on the drawing board. This one is going to be good. Um. If we can get it together the way we did the last one, we’re going into the home run business. World, watch out.

She will graduate with her MBA this month, and she’ll take the world’s economy and turn it in on itself and make all currency equal and make bartering more prominent. Chicken for wheat and chocolate for cotton. Micro-Machines for millet. Did you know she’s going to the same MBA school that Willie Olesen attended? How much more guaranteed can her future be?

She worked at a jet propulsion lab once. No, I’m serious. She’s a scientist. Engineering degree and everything. And don’t make fun of her, or she’ll take Occam’s razor to your throat.

And? She knows computer programming. She’s part of a small side business, comprised of her and her identical cousin (of identical DNA and dancing to Michael Jackson fame) and another friend, and together they built this site, and they built another site for a couple who was getting married and I can’t find it and Becky isn’t home for me to ask, so you’re going to have to take my word for it, and she’s working on another site for a client. If you’re interested in her services, give her a holler. It’s no small thing, either. She writes up proposals and gives you the skinny on cost and time estimates, and as you can see, she does great work.

She doesn’t skimp on friendship, either. Just so you know.