The Facebook Blurb about the Video

This video was a lot of fun to make. I believe it shows how very well Becky and I collaborate. Becky conceived the storyline and did almost all of the editing. I did most of the filming and agreed with Becky about her editing choices. We agreed on what songs to use. Alicia took the opening shot, establishing the setting and tone of our piece. It is an homage to our apartment, a mockery of a year of our lives surrounded by mirrors. Watching ourselves in the mirrors as a part of daily life then filming ourselves in the mirrors for this project then watching ourselves on film watching ourselves in the mirrors nearly drove us crazy. You’ll see vain, but really, it was closer to crazy. We were pleased to win Best Documentary at the Lingos, Friday, December 5, 2008. Enjoy.”

Thanks to all those who came out and laughed and had a good time. Thanks for laughing really hard, too! Thanks for liking our little film. We received a box of popcorn as a prize. Becky and I talked about our newfound fame on the way home. We seem to be handling it pretty well. Becky got a little blindsided after the festival. I know I’ve mentioned before her awesome, flirty eyes. Well, now people fell under her spell on the big screen. It was incredible.

This got us thinking: If we can make something over the course of a few hours over a few days, think about what we could do if we had more time. Stayed tuned for more from Becky and May Studios. Yeah, Becky totally gets first billing.
Here’s our afterparty. Yes, we took the photos standing in front of a mirror ON PURPOSE.