Dear Readers Three Hours from Now

It is 5:52pm and I’m setting this post to publish at 9pm. I won’t be home, but hopefully the video Becky and I made will have been seen by at least a few hundred people en masse. Maybe once this post publishes, you, Internet, will be watching this with me at the Lingos Film Festival here with my churchies in Manhattan. Mostly positive reviews so far, those who’ve benefited from special, exclusive screenings. And they’ve been responsible for repeated watchings. YouTube knows who they are; apparently they’re fine with that.

Consider the work, here: the number of angles for each scene, with a few takes per angle; fiddling with lighting; cutting scenes; editing sound; deciding on music; managing not to catch the camera in any of the shots; and the YEARS of acting school Becky and I invested just for this video. Sure, you’re our friends and will appreciate it, but pretend you’re not our friends. Maybe you won’t have to pretend once you see the video, and you’ll understand what a labor of love this project was. That’s all we ask for – a little understanding. If you happen to enjoy it – icing on the cake.

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