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Owen left the room.

Walt hung up the phone.

Anne sat down, folded her hands, and stared into space.

It was only a party. A friend’s house. A neighbor called it in. Guests scattered when they saw bubble lights, but the three siblings and a few others didn’t get away in time.

Walt was in the pool house, talking. 

Anne was in the den, watching a movie.

Owen was in the den, too.

They tried not to appear to be waiting.

What they did was supposed to be funny. Harmless. A little prank.

The police came.

The wrong thing they did wasn’t disturbing the peace, but that’s what they were being charged for. They shared a cell with the other party stragglers that night. The siblings took one car to the party, and it was impounded.

That’s how the timing worked out.

Now the siblings were in their parents’ office, waiting, less than a day later, wishing they had stayed in jail. Just like they knew they would.

But their mom’s hanging up on them was only part of the cause.

A little discussion.

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