Scattered Actings

Becky and I are still trying to decide whether to enter our video in the Lingos competition. We decided to hold off filming the last scene until she gets back from London, only because my noggin had a painful protuberance the night before she left. My headache has gone down considerably since then.

What we’ve finished so far of the video is on Becky’s laptop. Since Thursday, I’ve watched those five minutes of footage at least 10 times. I’ve laughed at the same places each time. I’ve tried watching it with a critical eye. It’s not perfect, but it’s not all that bad, either. I think. Hopefully when Becky gets back, we can shoot the last scene and wrap the whole thing up and get it in the can in case we decide to turn it in Tuesday when it’s due.

My brain isn’t working right now. I exercised this morning, cleaned the bathroom, walked down to the farmers’ market and back, had a taco, came home, took a really long shower, and now I’m contemplating preparing lessons for Sunday school and seminary. I’m also watching Golem act like an idiot on the television. Oh. I’m also instant messaging Karissa.

None of that explains why my brain has shut down. Karissa, I didn’t mean to imply you were a reason my head feels empty. 

Oh, now that I’m in a video of quasi-substantial length, I pay more attention to people’s acting. Becky’s a better actor than me. After Friday, we’ll stick the video on YouTube, and you can see for yourself.

Whenever Becky is gone for a long time, when she comes home, I act like a puppy that’s been waiting for her owner all day. In this case, 5 days. She walks in and I’m all happy and bouncy and I zip back and forth across the apartment and I talk and she talks and I scoot along the floor then Becky holds up a treat and I sit up on my haunches and Becky drops the treat on the floor and pats my head and tells me I’m a good girl. This description is not all that figurative; I really like when Becky’s home.