i have an ice pack on my head.

the frame for my room divider came down. i stood one of the beams against the wall, because i decided to take apart the frame because i’m not putting it back up. so as i was removing the other beam, the beam that i put against the wall fell down on my head. i waited for a few seconds to crouch down in pain. i felt for the bump. it got big right away. it is on the left, rear occipital bone. the ice pack has reduced the swelling, and becky gave me some pain relievers. she came home about ten minutes after it happened. i’ve been holding the ice pack with one hand and typing with the other and proofreading as i go, so it’s taken me at least five minutes so far to type this paragraph. i’m going to stop typing now. i will go to bed in a while and hope i don’t wake up to a concussion. if i say a turkey got absolved today, people might not think i’m all there. everybody knows about it, though. not my fault; i’m not the president of the united states. i am the mayor of maytown. i pardon the damned two-by-four that clobbered me just over an hour ago.

oh. we have one more scene of the video to shoot. we’ll do that first.

my head hurts.