Sniff Harder

I just finished baking some biscuits and blueberry turnovers. The biscuits were from scratch. The turnovers were from the leftover pie crust and frozen blueberries from the Americafied! party. So, there are all sorts of simple, empty carbohydrates on the table, and I don’t know why I was baking, and I know even less who’s going to eating that food. I can’t eat it all. My roommates are going to be out of town, so maybe I might accidentally stuff myself. I mean, I didn’t go swimming tonight, but it wasn’t necessarily for a date with the oven. I think it’s from the various invitations to Thanksgiving dinner I received, and it put me in a culinary mood. Maybe it’s just that I want to expand my stomach as much as possible before Thursday, when the gorgefest begins and doesn’t really end until well into the new year. Yeah, so no swimming tonight. Plus, I had a headache. Exercise would have helped it, I know, but I wanted to make sure the I was home tonight in case we shot more scenes for the video.

I just tried a biscuit. Not bad for my very first biscuit attempt. I love the word biscuit. I put a few different spreads on the table, too: butter, strawberry jam, honey. I also put the leftover blueberry pie filling I made, in case people want to be daring. I used some of the blueberry stuff and a little bit of honey. They aren’t bad.

I guess I could have cut the biscuits thicker, but they’re not too thin. If I had just plopped the dough onto the baking pan, they’d look more like scones. The possibilities are endless with scones, people. Savory, sweet. People put cheese and scallions in them. People dip them in gravy. Sometimes sausage gravy. People put cranberries and orange zest and maybe almonds in them. Almost like a muffin, but definitely a scone. People mix in pumpkin pie filling for pumpkin scones. Oh, my. Um, rosemary scones. I need to try that. I know I said once it would be nice to die by baklava, but the aroma floating around in my apartment right now has convinced me I might already be in heaven. You totally wish you were here, and I’m sorry you’re not.

Um, I think I might be getting a little smarter. I helped some people with a crossword puzzle today, and I completed a “difficult” sudoku puzzle. Granted, the crossword puzzle was typically Monday, but the sudoku puzzle wasn’t, and it was a nice challenge to this old noggin. I can’t remember the last time I exercised my brain like that.

I guess I can check that off my list for today after all. Time to eat.