Shooting Too Many Funny Scenes. And Talking About It.

Becky: I don’t have to hog all the editing. Do you want to do some?
May: Nuh-uh. You can do it. I’m not quite as daft.
Becky: (laughs while looking at her computer monitor)
May: I mean deft. Deft. Sorry.
Becky: That was a Freudian slip.

Becky and I are making a movie. It’s pretty funny to us. Karissa is fortunate enough to get the play-by-play on instant messenger. Because there’s a 14-hour time difference and it’s 1PM in Japan when it’s 11PM here. Because late at night is when we reach our creative peak. Yes.

May (8:27:36 PM): we’re talking about filming scenes right now
Karissa (8:27:43 PM): awesome!
May (8:27:47 PM): we’re cinematographic geniuses
Karissa (8:27:53 PM): you should give the bunnies a role.
Karissa (8:27:55 PM): lol
May (8:28:02 PM): hee
May (8:30:01 PM): okay we’re getting ready to shoot now
Karissa (8:30:10 PM): okay
May (8:30:23 PM): we can’t go over 5 minutes
Karissa (8:30:37 PM): for youtube?
May (8:31:46 PM): we might enter it into the church singles film festival
Karissa (8:31:52 PM): ohhhhhhhh
May (8:47:33 PM): dude. this video will be kind of interesting. but funny
Karissa (8:47:38 PM): lol
May (8:48:18 PM): it’s about all the mirrors in our apartment
Karissa (8:48:27 PM): ohhhh
May (8:48:47 PM): you should take the cats out for a walk
Karissa (8:48:53 PM): hee
Karissa (8:48:59 PM): that would be hilarious
Karissa (8:54:29 PM): gosh the breeze coming in is so nice
May (9:22:32 PM): this scene is complicated
Karissa (9:23:04 PM): oh?
May (9:25:20 PM): trying to establish context for the point of the shot
May (9:25:26 PM): we had to get a few angles
May (10:16:58 PM): barry’s gonna have a pretty awesome cabinet
Karissa (10:17:13 PM): yeah, it looks like it
May (10:17:23 PM): you can be surgeon general
Karissa (10:17:29 PM): hee
Karissa (10:32:57 PM): what is your cabbage patch kid’s name?
Karissa (10:33:01 PM): i forget.
May (10:33:09 PM): david john
Karissa (10:33:15 PM): oh yeah
May (10:33:25 PM): you two never met
Karissa (10:33:31 PM): nope
May (10:37:22 PM): what were the names of your ponies?
Karissa (10:37:33 PM): ponies?
May (10:37:44 PM): did you have cabbage patch ponies?
Karissa (10:37:48 PM): nope
May (10:38:02 PM): i’m confusing you with someone else
Karissa (10:38:08 PM): you must be
May (10:39:30 PM): amy adams is lovely. she’s great in enchanted
May (10:40:27 PM): i just drank a few gulps of mountain dew
May (10:40:29 PM): hee
Karissa (10:48:46 PM): so i guess you won’t be sleeping tonight
May (10:48:53 PM): we’ll see
May (10:50:31 PM): how’s dr. ken?
Karissa (10:51:00 PM): he’s fine. he’s the wedding we’re going to in jan.
May (10:51:12 PM): oh, he totally didn’t ask me out
Karissa (10:51:17 PM): i know
Karissa (10:51:22 PM): dunno what his problem is
Karissa (10:51:30 PM): i’m not a huge fan of the fiancee
May (10:51:33 PM): oh?
Karissa (10:51:35 PM): but then we only met her once
May (10:51:44 PM): playing any fun pranks?
Karissa (10:51:48 PM): lol, no
May (10:58:23 PM): becky’s doing an awesome job editing
May (10:58:42 PM): she does wonders with my filmwork
Karissa (10:58:56 PM): cool!
May (10:59:54 PM): this is totally oscar worthy
Karissa (11:00:02 PM): i bet it is
May (11:00:07 PM): LOL
Karissa (11:00:11 PM): lol
Karissa (11:00:57 PM): when do i get to see it?
May (11:01:07 PM): well, we have to finish by wednesday
Karissa (11:01:14 PM): ohhhh
May (11:01:19 PM): so hopefully sometime this week
Karissa (11:01:25 PM): you’d better share
May (11:02:04 PM): we will
May (11:04:48 PM): we’re fixing to do a reading
May (11:10:00 PM): there’s a dancing scene with just me
Karissa (11:10:20 PM): rofl
May (11:11:14 PM): you’ll get the impression we’re really full of ourselves
May (11:11:18 PM): it’s awesome
Karissa (11:12:05 PM): hahaha
May (11:23:37 PM): just finished shooting the dancing scene
May (11:24:23 PM): becky had to close her eyes while the camera rolled
May (11:24:32 PM): so she could hold the camera still and not laugh
Karissa (11:24:40 PM): awesome!
May (11:24:53 PM): i’m probably building this up way too much
Karissa (11:24:59 PM): lol
Karissa (11:25:13 PM): the awesomest part is that you do it without alcohol.

That last line was probably one of the greatest back-handed compliments anyone has ever given me. Right now, Becky is trying to work on some soundtrack stuff. We’re pretty close to being done, but cramming a 5-minute film into a single weekend is a lot of work. Sure, we’ve laughed a lot, but we’ve also gotten multiple takes of each scene from various angles. There’s voiceover work and synchronizing sound, and Becky’s such a pro about everything. It’s a lot of work. Propers to her. Hopefully, this turns out.