We girls talk about this. A lot.

Friend: i told a boy here about my hugging problem and then he gave me a long hug which I couldn’t really object to
me: awesome!
Friend: I guess sometimes it works in my favor
me: shoot, i’m jealous
6:30 PM Friend: he is totally cute and would be a good make out friend but nothing more
me: aww man
Friend: because he is a fellow law student and only 26 I am not pursuing it
me: i guess it might not be exactly appropriate
6:31 PM Friend: no, it is such a small world here that you have to be very careful
but I guess even I need a hug (and maybe even a little more) every once and a while 😉
me: i totally hear ya
6:32 PM i’m trying to improve my flirting to becky levels
she’s magic or something
Friend: wow, what is your game plan?
6:33 PM me: well, today, my friend [this one guy] sat beside me at stake conference
Friend: nice
me: and every time he leaned forward, i considered just briefly resting my hand on his back
but then i hate the whole backrubbing thing during church, and i know i’d distract him
so i didn’t
6:34 PM Friend: but you wanted to the whole time right?
me: dude
Friend: sounds like a fun stake conference
sometimes I wish I was bold enough to just go for it
6:35 PM me: but once the closing prayer was over, and everyone said amen, i put my hand on his back and asked him if he was going to the potluck
Friend: good job, you are my hero
me: not even
Friend: or heroine
me: anyway, we’re chums
6:36 PM we’re pretty comfortable around each other, i guess
Friend: it is nice to have friends like that
me: no nice long hugs, though
Friend: true
6:37 PM too bad there is no one in Orem that I could hook up with over thanksgiving break.
me: orem kinda says it all, i’m afraid
6:38 PM Friend: at least you have your subway platforms
me: make a trip up to the gateway mall. i’m sure you’ll run into someone
6:39 PM Friend: i’ll give it a try

I’m such a clutzy flirt, people.

Disclaimer: My intentions are no excuse for you not to pay attention in church. You need to be reverent and attentive, and you’ll probably receive extra blessings if you’re taking notes of the speakers’ talks, sitting by someone you’re attracted to but not dating. Extra blessings. Keep that in mind.

Oh. I guess I should actually write about Sunday-appropriate things.

You May Not Actually Like Me, but I Don’t Mind the Flirting …

me: the dude is not asking me out
6:16 PM BOY: [guy]?
me: yeah
BOY: c’mon man
you are too good looking for him anyway
i was trying to toss him a bone
um…not calling you a bone
me: heh. i know what you mean
6:17 PM anyway, i’m going to my student’s performance, and i want to take a boy
BOY: [incriminating stuff]
let me see
me: that would be fun
it’s saturday at 1
6:18 PM hey, are you going to see [a fun show again]?
BOY: i’d like to
it was fun
me: do you know [this other boy]?
6:19 PM BOY: i don’t think so
me: or that boy who was a lumberjack who kept saying he loved my costume?
[this other boy] is in [this other ward]
BOY: that guy seemed nice
i don’t think i know him ([this other boy])
6:20 PM me: eh, it’s just a play, but it’d be nice to go with someone
all the boys you know are nice, but lame
BOY: yes, i am an empty well
me: you tried. A for effort
6:21 PM plus, it’s their agency, after all
BOY: dopes
6:22 PM if you are still looking for someone to go
i should available
6:23 PM me: it’s [student]
i’ll keep you posted
BOY: do, i like their family alot…nice people
me: hey, if i get three tickets, would you mind being a 5th wheel?
6:24 PM BOY: i’d be honored
6:25 PM i’m scanning my calendar in my brain
i think i am here
me: next saturday
okay then. back to the prowl. or perch. talk to you soon.
6:26 PM BOY: righto, perches for me
and peaches if i can find them

Okay, that’s the second time in about as many chats you’ve referred to my looks. It may not mean anything, but I would prefer if you’re going to say I’d distract you during your soccer games and I’m too good-looking for the guys you’re trying to set me up with, you’d be interested. I mean, in what instances does a guy really tell a girl she’s cute/pretty/hott stuff unless he’s flirting? Or, you may be so unbelievably comfortable in our friendship you feel you can say anything. The latter is probably more realistic, but I really, really liked you once upon a time. But, you never really, really liked me back. So I guess I think I’m holding on to some things, and maybe I’ve created a brilliantly awkward situation by having you tag along. Whatever. Maybe you need a reminder of what you passed up. Not in a malicious way, but you’ve gotta learn to keep your eyes open, dude. Then again, it’ll be nothing if he’s not interested; no loss.

Regardless: I’m going to enjoy my student’s performance, and it will be awesome.