A little bit of proudness

One of my students spoke in church today, and one sang in the choir.¬†It wasn’t the usual church meeting. It was for everyone in the entire stake. Since we don’t have a church building big enough to gather everyone, we broadcast the meeting to the different meetinghouses.

I get butterflies in front of a group of 12. And people express their nerves when they have to speak in front of a congregation of a couple hundred. But these kids, they got up in front of close to 2,000 people to preach and sing the word. They have a deep and true understanding of the gospel, and they glow. That’s the best I can describe them. I’m blessed to know them.

I spotted the speaker before church. We made eye contact, and she ran across the chapel and said, “Save me!” I gave her a hug and said she’ll do an awesome job. She then said she heard I’d make faces at her, and I asked her if she wanted me to make faces, and she said no, and she said she’d try not to look over at my part of the chapel. She laughs easily. For some reason, I relate pretty easily to this student, and she’s very helpful during class, and I’m glad she’s there to help keep me grounded.

I spotted the singer in the choir practicing before the meeting began. Composed, professional looking. I know first hand what a great voice she has. After the meeting I sought her out to give her a hug and tell her what an incredible job the choir did. And seriously, yes. Their fullness of sound, not just the volume, because they sustained richness and intensity even at pianissimo, was phenomenal. We then talked for a little bit about seminary and we got to know each other better personally. That’s definitely a big area of improvement in my life.

Anyway, I’m thrilled I get to support them in different parts of their lives.¬†Church this past weekend inspired me and strengthened me and helped put life back into perspective. Church helped replenish and revive my faith, and now life doesn’t seem so insurmountable. It’s nothing short of an answer to prayer.

Thanks. Now I kinda feel like I’m glowing.