Seminary Business

It looks like I get to write a letter of recommendation for one of my students. As much as I’m looking forward to it, I get what a big deal it is. This is for college.

I got nothing tonight, people. I’m going to post a letter I just sent to the students. Here ya go.

Hello, Everyone:
Our calendar has been updated! Since we’re keeping a hard copy of the devotional calendar in class, I didn’t add the devotionals for this month. The reading assignments are posted for the 2nd term, which lasts through January. You’ll note 46 assignments for the second term. And remember, only 30 days of reading are required for the honor roll. If you read all the assignments and didn’t make 30 days for the first term (there were only 26 reading assignments), you can put the “extra” reading toward the deficit. [Other teacher] and I encourage you to do the reading. We’ll cover the assignments in class but we may not always achieve an in-depth discussion, so we also challenge you to dig even deeper in your personal reading.
A few of you have not yet taken the Scripture Mastery exam for term 1. Please be prepared to take the exam Monday morning. You can use your scriptures, and you’ll have 25 minutes. I promise it’s not as hard or intimidating as it seems.
I’ve let the students who have scored 100% know their scores. I’ve talked to a few others about retaking parts of the exam they’ve missed. If I haven’t yet approached you I will be doing so this week. Everyone did a good job; most of the errors were just hasty reading of the questions. Make sure to double-check your answers next time. 😉
We’ve completed our first week of student-teaching for scripture mastery. Everyone really seemed to enjoy the games [one student] led. They were a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to what everyone else comes up with. Let’s try to be more diligent in allowing time for this activity during class. Not only does it help everyone learn the scriptures, but it shows respect for your classmates who’ve put a lot of effort into preparing the activity for you. [Another student]’s got this week.
I’ve attached a sheet of couplets for all 25 Scripture Mastery references. An extra resource, in case you need it. We could use them for future games. It could be fun …
Have a great weekend, and maybe I’ll get to see all of you at Stake Conference. Best of luck to those of you who have an active part in the meeting.
If you need anything, please let us know.
Love, Sisters Anderton and [Other Teacher]