I did a lot of stuff on camera today. It’s kind of blackmail fodder.

I think I wanted to impress one friend so badly I was willing to look like an utter fool.

She’s a cool gal. Pretty fun.

But, I got to see her runway walk.

And, she got to show us her dance moves. We’re practicing for the big Halloween dance on Friday. Hollah!

My roommate likes to move her hips.

Ooh. I think I should document the numbered dances my roommate and Alicia have seen me do. The dance moves are already on camera, and I will be destroying the data card sometime in the very near future. This written form is so I don’t forget the numbers.

zero (null) – backup singer dance; side to side stepping, with slight head bobbing; default

1 – grab ankle, other hand to head; bring knee toward and away from opposite elbow to the beat. (Extra credit: accidentally bump into a wall for big laughs.)

2 – flap arms gracefully to the side while dancing lightly on the tippy-toes

3 – add an extra step to each side of the backup singer dance; throw in double hitchhiker thumbs

4 – shooting multiple rounds from pistols from the hips

5 – the worm; in my case, it’s a dying worm.

6 – Michael Jackson; must include moonwalking and that kick thing he does.

The arsenal is full. I will be doing these seven dance moves on a rotating basis. Except for the worm. That was is reserved exclusively for my own home. So, six.