Little Recap before the Nightcap. But without the Nightcap. I’m Wearing My Running Cap.

Right now, I’m on about three hours’ sleep. I’m about to crash. Becky’s friend (and mine, too) came over this evening to watch Chuck. It was fun. I can’t write very long sentences right now.

Sometimes I do little dances. Becky has started numbering them. So far, we’ve gotten up to four. I demonstrated these dances for our friend. I don’t know how immensely impressed she was.

And yet, I was really shy about showing her my runway walk. Becky makes a big deal that it’s better than hers, but I don’t really think so.

I cried at the end of my seminary lesson this morning. I didn’t completely release the floodgates, so I didn’t transform into an ugly cry.

Really hard time at work today, but I got a lot of stuff done, because I had so much to make up since I wasn’t at work yesterday.

Went running with a friend after work. Quite windy, but not too bad. Reminded me how much I like running in the winter.

It’s not winter yet.

I want to sleep so bad, people. Like, more than three hours of it.

Maybe I’ll have dreams about perfecting my runway walk.

Maybe it’ll stay in my dreams.