A few pictures from the Hudson River Cruise

I like the little pop of color to the right of the house. If I were 75 feet tall, or maybe standing on a bridge, the shot would have been a lot better.

The colors aren’t quite at peak, but they’re still very pretty.

This tree is in Ossining, New York, near Yorktown, and it is clearly showing off.

Once upon a time, a lady stood behind a swing. The swing hung from a basketball hoop. The basketball hoop was part of a full-size basketball court. The basketball court was in an LDS church building. On the swing were two kind of freakish dolls. The dolls looked a bit menacing, like they didn’t really want to be on the swing. And maybe angry enough to wreak undue vengeance on the nearest person they saw. Some friends of this lady made her stand behind the swing. Look how tentatively she holds onto the ropes. This is why she’s not dating right now. But, she loves her purple pashmina scarf and how her sunglasses are nearly as big as a sombrero. The end.


I know Sunday is my favorite day of the week, but I am really tired. And a bit cranky. I don’t really feel like writing. Blah, people. If you want to see more pictures of the Hudson River Cruise, go to flickr. Only 11 pictures are there right now. I have to do some editing, because one of my friends decided to commandeer my camera for most of the cruise. So, I’ll add more photos later.

Good night, folks.