A Little Seminary Story

I set my alarm for 6:30 this morning. When my alarm went off, I looked at the time, and I panicked. Why did I set my alarm for that time? I’m SO in trouble. Class is about to start. I need to call the other teacher. I still could show up late. Is it my turn to teach the lesson? The kids are going to hate me.

Then I remembered it’s Saturday.

Yesterday, we went over five Scripture Mastery references. The kids got to draw their representations for each of the scriptures.

We got down to the last scripture, and as I read it to the class, one of the students said, “I already drew this.” So I said, “Wait. The one before was about the resurrection. This one is about baptism for the dead.” I finished reading the scripture. The student said, “Didn’t we already do this one? Because I drew it.” And the class responded, “No.” I smiled. I went up to the board to write a short synopsis of the scripture, and the other teacher asked the questioning student, “Did you travel through time into the future?” Then, because I just finished A Wrinkle in Time, I said, “[The student] tesseracted.” Then the class echoed, “Tesseracted!” Then a short discussion followed about the book, and I felt all sorts of cool for mentioning a literary reference the students could relate to.

Class was quite fun yesterday. The students guessed at each other’s drawings, and it was awesome to see how the kids’ minds worked. We laughed a lot, and a couple of times, I laughed so hard it switched into silent laughter, and it was probably good for the kids to see me relatively relaxed instead of being more uptight and easily intimidated. The silent laughter didn’t turn into laughing tears, though. It didn’t quite get that bad. I was glad the kids were able to relax a little, too. Thems is some amazin’ chilluns, y’all.

Man, no wonder I felt bad for missing class this morning. Even if it is Saturday.