Waiter at Gennaro’s, I’ll be pining for you forever.

The way you apologized for the wait
and recited the specials

I felt bad when you looked mostly at me
and not my friends

Only sort of bad

because, I did know what I was doing
when I asked about the menu

Pasta with meat sauce?
Risotto with seafood?

You made me laugh and
talked me into the risotto.

That “really interested” expression
about the menu was more than

just about the menu

Are you on the menu?

Keep talking
Keep looking at me

I’ll keep smiling
and trying not to blush

Blue eyes and
Dark brown, slightly wavy hair
medium length

Not perfectly combed
And yet

it is.

I can’t get enough

I really was interested
in you

but too shy
to say

You brought over the check
And we smiled at each other

and my friends laughed
And I slipped in a few more dollars

for your tip.

As my friends and I headed toward the door
to exit

I turned and saw you standing by the bar
and you looked at me

I waved
you waved

I walked out the door
heaved a forlorn sigh

and that was it.

A little discussion.

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