Another Link to Solicit

Hey, All. Check out this site. It’s Donors Choose. Read the different projects, find one you’d like to donate to, and if you happen to have a spare $10 lying around, go ahead and put it toward the classroom, the teachers, the students in need. If you have more, then gosh-by-golly-gee. Maybe you can find a project that’s local. That particular link up there is for one of my favorite bloggers. Last year she raised over $101,000 and tomato-danced at Rockefeller Plaza. If she can raise $100,000 by October 31, she’ll take herself and her tomato costume down to the White House and do a little dance. While this would be fun to see, what would be even more worthwhile is to see students with books and supplies and whatever else they need to take their education up to the level they deserve. The teachers are especially grateful, too. It’s not the best time in history to be donating, but don’t these students know it. They’ve taken big budget hits outside of and way before the recession. Also, if you’re a teacher or know a teacher who has a project to propose, Sars is still accepting submissions. So far, Sars has raised more than $33,615, and it’s only October 5. Can she keep this up? Can you help her? Can you help the students?

Vote and Tag

Thanks, Kate for this video. Get on it, if you already haven’t done it. Four days left in this state. Know your deadlines for your states and if you’re absentee. I mean, this video is helpful, but you’re sensible and passionate enough not to need it. I’m gonna go out on a limb as a non-citizen and say how much it sucks not to be able to vote. It’s my own fault, and it’s probably the most important election of my lifetime, and I can’t participate. I’m gonna ask you to do it for me. It’s okay if you’re of the red or blue or purple or green persuasion. Just get out and do it, and make sure you tell your friends, even the ones you strongly disagree with. But hurry up, you ain’t got much (or no) time left. Thanks.

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