One of you decided to perform this search on my blog yesterday: “towel rack water streak.” That’s kind of a specific search. It’s not like “running” or “Obama” or “spelling bee.” You must know me pretty well and have kept up with this blog and wondered if you could find this post again. Does my nakedness amuse you? Should I be alarmed? Call the police or hire a trusty bodyguard?

Just you wait, I’ve got some interesting nudie stories a-brewin’.


Have I mentioned how much I love my seminary class? I won’t mention names or respective ages or other identifying information (other than I had dinner with your parents), but I will go on and on about their sheer intelligence and ability to think on a secular level and bring it back to a spiritual perspective congruent with The Plan. I will talk about how their existential discussions remind me so much of my adolescence and the friends I hung out with. I will prattle on about how deeply they think and how gentle and kind and absolutely friendly they are. I’ll mention this once that there is no disparity/enmity/hostility between the public schoolers and home schoolers. They’re all friends, and they’re all awesome. That last part I’ll mention ad nauseum; you don’t even have to ask.

We talked about water today. Jacob’s well and the woman of Samaria, and Christ offering her the Living Water, springing up unto life eternal. We talked about the physical properties of water, why it’s life-sustaining. We talked what it feels like to be thirsty, physically and spiritually. Constant, spiritual thirst. Those kids blow me away.

Did you get the title of this post? Did you notice the contrast in juxtaposition of the humorously inappropriate and the angelic?

Oh, by the way, last night’s zucchini bread? Perfect. I’m making another loaf tonight, and I’ll take it to class tomorrow.