I will pose the same question to you.

Lazy post, right here. Wednesday morning I taught a lesson about humility. I came up with a couple of situations we could discuss where we might be able to exercise humility. After the second one was read, one of the students asked if I wrote them. I answered that I did, and he responded, “Props.” Then the class chimed in on how funny the scenarios were. It’s such a blessing to be able to be creative with this group.

The first situation was about pogo sticks. I didn’t get that one back, and I didn’t save it on my computer. It was fun to write. I mean, pogo sticks. Anyway, I managed to get the second one back into my little paws, so I’ll transcribe that here. Then maybe you’ll read it and offer your wisdom? I need to have more humility on the subways, people. We’ll see if you have the same suggestions as my students.

It’s the end of a long and tiring day. A certain seminary teacher is riding the subway home. The train arrives at her stop, and before the doors even open, she sees the rush-hour crowds huddle who she knows will try to funnel their way onto the train before anyone even has a chance to get off the train and this seminary teacher has been standing the entire commute which she never really minds but being easily bumped around and shoved aside due to her size all she wishes is for other people to practice some subway etiquette and common courtesy and let her off before they get on because she’d be really frustrated if she missed her stop and sometimes it takes all the energy she can muster not to think of pushing one of those impatient people into the subway car doorframe as he or she rushes onto the train.

How would you get this teacher to calm down?

A little discussion.

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