I just got back from the bathroom. TMI, I know.

As you may remember, the bathroom is part of my roommate’s master bedroom.

When I walked into her room, she was on the phone with a boy.

I closed the bathroom door, I did my business.

Then I stood for a while and didn’t flush the toilet SO I COULD EAVESDROP ON HER CONVERSATION.

I listened for a few seconds. I only heard some giggling and her voice I struggle to hear when a door isn’t between us. I couldn’t make out complete words, but the sound was flirty, all floating and with a lilty inflection. I’m sure I heard some coy smiles, too.

Then I remembered what I was doing and flushed the toilet and washed my hands.

I opened the bathroom door. My roommate smiled at me, or maybe it was just a residual smile because she was still on the phone with the boy. Her voice was louder, of course; I could understand actual words. But I couldn’t stand there and stare at her talking. That’s just rude. I smiled back and waved as I exited her room.

Now I’m here, documenting the event, so the world could possibly conclude 1)I’m a lousy friend for eavesdropping and/or 2)how much water a household could save just by having a master bedroom with a bathroom to share and a roommate having an interesting conversation while you’re using the bathroom.

Maybe I should have pressed my ear to the door?

4 thoughts on “Break

  1. i told may that she should have totally stayed and listened, so she could give me feedback later on how well i flirt. 🙂

  2. She doesn’t need feedback. She already knows how effectively she flirts. Because, seriously: he keeps calling, right?

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