That’s the average age of ninth graders in these parts.

Ninth grade is when students begin seminary.

By the end of twelfth grade, the students will have studied all standard works of scripture in our church.

14 is also the number of students who attended seminary the first day. Thrilled me to no end.

14. That’s easily 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 14 times more students I’ve had at any given time in the past. Even in(de)finitely times more, if you decide to divide by zero, which is how many students I’ve had on numerous days in previous years.

Here’s what I can do: I’ll post the mass email I sent to parents and students today. Sounds like loads of fun, yes, and you’ll probably be bouncing off the walls as you read it, and I hope you can exercise a little bit of restraint.

Hello, Everyone.
What a wonderful first day of seminary we had! 14 students came to class and we feasted on muffins and discussed logistics and organization. It was great getting to know you through your favorite random things!
The second day was fun, too. We had an overview of the year ahead in the New Testament, and we got to take home a lesson on Christ’s mission and how each of us has a mission to fulfill by following Christ’s example. The plan of happiness works!
Hopefully, we’ll appoint class officers soon, maybe within the next week or so. Quite a few of you are willing to serve, which is great. Everyone, though, will have a chance to participate and contribute somehow throughout the year.
By the way, thanks for your ideas about the prayer strips and devotional signup sheet. We’ll definitely be implementing those. If you have any more ideas, feel free to send them to me.
I’m getting ready to publish a Google calendar for you to view at home, at your convenience. I would like to include reading assignments, youth/seminary activities, and school events (performances, sports competitions, sock hops [if you wish]). The secretary, once called, will be in charge of maintaining this calendar.
I have a really good feeling about this year.
I’ll send occasional emails with announcements throughout the year. [CES Coordinator] has informed us that Church Education discourages teachers from sending personal emails to students; instead I would like to send mass emails to you with a copy to the parents. If I do end up sending one of you an email, I’ll have to copy your parents on the message. I hope this doesn’t deter you from contacting me or [other teacher] with your concerns or questions. We really want to serve you the best we can. While email is a bit limited, we’ll follow up on the phone with you, we’ll talk in person — whatever it takes to make sure your needs are met.
We are grateful for your efforts to get up early! I also appreciate your input on what time we should meet. For those who haven’t come yet, class starts at 6:30 AM. Refreshing.
I hope you’re ready to study the New Testament. I’m sure you are.
Love and prayers,


If you want some of those love and prayers, there’s plenty to go around. Even after 14 kids.

A little discussion.

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